Techniques that worked a few years ago or even a few months ago may not work in today’s market. You need to constantly re-evaluate your techniques and strategies to stay successful in real estate. Selling property is how you make money, so a property sitting around unsold is wasting precious resources. Today we’ll talk about some ways to increase the likelihood of selling your property.

hard money Dallas House FlippingIt never hurts to have a set of fresh eyes look at the property, your website, and anything related to your business. Spending hours, days, or weeks on a project can lead you to look over small details or issues. It will help to get someone who is in a similar field to glance at your resources but it can also be helpful to get someone who doesn’t know the lingo and terms because you can clear up areas of confusion.

While photos are great to show how beautiful a room or house is, you cannot neglect floor plans. Gauging the flow or size of a room is difficult in images. Floor plans allow potential buyers to see the measurements, room locations, window locations, and more. Always keep up with the current renovations and remodeling done on the property. If you use an out of date floor plan, you’re in trouble.

Real estate agents sometimes get a bad rap for being dishonest and misleading. On television programs you see agents telling clients a home is perfect in every way but there are flaws like uneven floors, chipped pain, safety issues, or the home is in a bad neighborhood. Do not, under any circumstances, act like this. If you’re not honest with the customers it will come back to haunt you. Not only can it lead to legal issues but it is bad for your reputation as an agent. Be honest with yourself, as well. Don’t let yourself think “it’s good enough,” if it was done haphazardly or incorrectly. Don’t be afraid to bring in professionals if something needs to be done that you are not skilled in.

Property descriptions are very useful. Keep these updated and fresh. Avoid simple listings of features, number of rooms, and other boring details. It can be very helpful to create a story and show some flare; discuss the community, weather, and overall feeling of the home. This isn’t to say you need to tell the story of the previous homeowners or make something up, but make the home sound inviting. Keep the main photo of the property updated for seasons or just change it up if you decide to change some outside features. Keep it as up to date as possible and strive for professional photographs. Changing the description and photo semi-regularly can increase web traffic if your property has been sitting “For Sale,” for a long period of time. Some buyers who passed by the house this past summer may find it more appealing in the fall lighting or with a new description.

One final note this week: don’t be afraid of Craigslist or other similar sites. Many people will peruse Craigslist whether they’re actually looking for a property or not. They may be in the market in the near future or they may be actively looking right now. They could also want to avoid large real estate companies or heavy bank involvement. If you’re using such a site you should either refresh the posting (pushing it back to the most recent) or repost it periodically. Don’t seem desperate or users will see that and try to haggle for very low prices, wasting your time. You can also change the description, image, format, and more to make a posting for the same house different. Try appealing to different audiences in your posting. This can range from families, young couples, retirees, or small groups.

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